Write or Wrong

You may be thinking, “she needs spell-check.”  Write?  Well, no.  I did that on purpose.  For starters, I’m just now coming off working 20 days in a row.  Yes, I was on the clock for 20 straight days!! I bet this shit doesn’t happen at Google.  Or in Europe.  Or in hell.

Which is to say I didn’t have much time for creative thinking. There were moments, however, during these past 20 days where I was lying in bed, or driving in my car, or sitting on the toilet, where I would “will” my brain to think of what my next post would be about. But do you wanna know what ideas came to me?  BIG, FAT FUCKING NOTHINGS!  This is how exciting my life is.  Oh sure, there are bloggers out there who could probably write 5 posts a day about what they dreamt about the previous night, or what they had for breakfast, or how many times their kid shit in a diaper, but trying to conjure up pertinent, relevant posts is harder than one might think.

I’m a perfectionist.  Not quite “OCD,” but when I started this blog, I had only 2 goals in mind:

  1. Take pride in what I write, but don’t go all Edgar Allen Poe.
  2. Make someone laugh.

That’s it.  And I STILL couldn’t think of anything significant to write about.  So I’m just going to babble on about nothing today.  Ready?

Let me see, what can I blabber about?  OH, OH, OH, I’m making this dish for dinner tonight.  Did you click the link?  Are you drooling?  I found the recipe on Pinterest yesterday and thought, “bacon in macaroni and cheese?  Hell’s yeah!”

Speaking of bacon, I found this little gem last week while surfing the interwebs.  That is some funny shit right there.

bacon sucks



















I’m an avid “mystery-thriller-novel reader.”  *hesitates*  Did I just type that sentence?  It’s like those tongue twisters you tried to say when you were a kid, “Rubber baby buggy bumpers.”  *clears throat* Moving on, I’m currently reading an older one by Robin Cook entitled Contagion.  I had forgotten what a incredible writer he is, and only 4 chapters in, I find myself having a hard time putting it down each night so I can get my much needed beauty rest.  (I’m still thinking about that stupid sentence, but I’m not going to edit it.)


The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re anything like me, it’s a busy time of the year.  Gift shopping, gift wrapping, baking, drinking, Christmas-card writing, eating, drinking, decorating, screaming, and crying are all probable scenarios, and not necessarily in that order, of course. It’s important to take a bit of time for ourselves, and this year, I’m going to paint my fingernails to look like candy canes.  Which is completely fucking ironic, by the way, as I gag and choke just thinking about peppermint.  I know, I know. We’ve already established I belong in a padded cell.  WHATEVS.

Anywhooo, go on, try it.  Put on some Christmas music, make a drink, and paint away. DISCLAIMER: consuming alcoholic beverages prior to initiating this task will likely skew end result.

I found the tutorial here.  I figured, “hey, if I can’t keep up with everything this holiday season, at least my nails will look bitchin’.”




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